Two Year Olds (Bunnies)

Child Care for Two Year Olds in Overland Park

The 2 year old room is a big room full of sunshine. The 2 year old unit cares for children from 2 years of age to the age of 3. We are licensed for 14 children with a ratio of 1 adult to 7 children. The 2 year old room is the room known for potty training.

In the 2 year old room the teachers plan activities that include an opportunity to explore their environment with their senses. Teachers provide activities that feature the monthly theme as well as emphasizing colors and shapes. The 2 year olds love story time and music. The 2’s very favorite center to play in and explore is the House area. At this stage of development they are playing side by side. As they progress into the 3 year old room you see them playing house together with designated Mom, Dad and baby. In the 2 year old room they will play in the house area but they are not playing as a group but each individual child is playing rocking a baby or “cooking.” We refer to this as side-by-side play because they are not playing together but beside each other.

The 2 year old room has its own bathroom with a working child size toilet. The bathroom has a half wall so that viewing the other parts of the room is possible but still gives the bathroom its sense of privacy. The 2 year old room is referred to as the potty training room. Potty training is a big part of the day with a 2 year old. Going to the toilet, flushing and then washing their hands is a very exciting thing when you are 2. The flushing of the toilet is the big exciting part.

• Teacher/Child Ratio – 1:7
• Weekly lesson plans focusing on cooperative play, colors and shapes.
• Parents provide crib sheet, blanket, diapers/pull-ups, wipes, toothbrush, and lots of extra clothes for potty training and sippy cup or water bottle.

Tuition Schedule 2018-2019

Weekly Fee for Bunnies Room
5 Days $252.00
4 Days $225.00
3 Days N/A
2 Days N/A
1 Day N/A
Entrance Fee*    $60.00
Annual Enrollment Fee    $30.00
Activity Fee    As Needed