Three Year Olds (Koalas)

The 3 year old room is a large and airy room. The 3 year old unit cares for children from 2 ½ years to 4 years of age. We are licensed for 20 children with a ratio of 1 adult to 10 children

In the 3 year old room the teacher plans activities that will foster cooperative play. Teachers provide activities that feature colors, shapes, numbers and letters while emphasizing sequencing and sorting skills. Sequencing and sorting skills will help a child develop the skills needed later for writing, reading and math. The 3 year olds love music time. Songs with actions or dance moves are their favorite. The 3 year olds spend time in the various centers of learning such as housekeeping, library, puzzles, art, and building blocks. What most adults see as play is work to their developing mind and body. Picking up Legos can strengthen the three finger grip for writing. Cutting out paper and gluing a collage is helping build their self esteem. What an adult sees as a simple task is a skill building activity.

The 3 year olds are beginning to use their imagination when they play. Often times mimicking what they see adults do around the house or on TV. Children will portray families in the play area and create a city for Spiderman to cling through in the block area. From birth to 3 children have absorbed everything they see and hear. Now it begins to come out in their imaginative play.

• Teacher/Child Ratio – 1:10
• Weekly lesson plans focusing on colors, letters, numbers, shapes, sorting and sequencing.
• Parents provide crib sheet, blanket, toothbrush, extra clothes and water bottle.

Tuition Schedule 2018-2019

Weekly Fee for Koalas
5 Days $218.00
4 Days N/A
3 Days N/A
2 Days N/A
1 Day N/A
Entrance Fee*  One Week’s Tuition +   $60.00
Annual Enrollment Fee    $30.00
Activity Fee    As Needed