Infants (Meerkats)

Our staff guides your infant to meet developmentally appropriate milestones. Infants and toddlers learn through visual and imitation stimulation. Infants learn using objects, colors, shapes, textures, sounds, and cause and effect activities.

In our infant room we provide care plans for each infant in our care rather than the lesson plans. These plans are based on developmentally appropriate activities, personal feeding and sleep schedules. We ask each parent to provide us with a schedule of sleep and feeding that their infant is currently accustomed to and we will assimilate that into our daily care plans for the infant unit.

We believe in providing each infant in our care with a day filled with colors, sounds and textures that will stimulate their development and help them reach each milestone of development. Our staff provides the infants in their care with more than just feeding, sleeping and changing diapers. For example, infants who are not turning over alone yet will be provided with “tummy time” to help strengthen those muscles needed to roll over or hold up their head and infants are provided with bouncers to help develop leg muscles. Our staff spends time reading, singing and playing with the babies in our care.

We have an infant care room that holds nine infants age 6 weeks to 12 months of age.

• Separated sleep, play and eating areas
• Safe Sleep Policy (SIDS)
• 1 teacher to 3 infants in unit of 9
• Breastfeeding Mom’s welcome
• Similac Advance EarlyShield™ or Members Mark equivalent  is our formula of choice.
• We provide basic cereal, levels 1 and 2 foods.
• Care Plans for each child
• Bedding and bibs supplied (laundry facilities on site)
• Parents provide bottles, diapers and wipes

Tuition Schedule 2017-2018

Weekly Fee for Meerkats
5 Days $300.00
4 Days NA
3 Days NA
2 Days NA
1 Day NA
Entrance Fee*    $60.00
Annual Enrollment Fee    $30.00
Activity Fee    As Needed