Five Year Olds (Frogs)

The 5 year old room is the last room children can attend year round. All the children in this classroom will be attending kindergarten at the end of the summer. The 5 year old room cares for children that will turn 5 by around January 1st. We are licensed for 11 children with a ratio of 1 adult to 11 children.

In the 5 year old room, much like the 4 year old room, teachers provide activities that are developmentally appropriate for a 5 year old; providing kindergarten readiness skills for children preparing to enter kindergarten. Kindergarten readiness skills include writing their name, learning their phone number and address, using scissors, color, shape, and letter and number recognition. The 5 year olds not only can give you the name of the number or count 1 to 10, but they are beginning to understand that the number represents a quantity.

The 5 year olds are taking their imagination skills to a more abstract level and you may see them depict their family or a special event in a crayon drawn picture. The 5 year olds are able to not only listen to a story but retell that story or tell you in detail about an event in their life. When the 5 year olds are involved in cooperative play activities you will see their imagination working in tandem with their friends as they begin to truly role play and not just mimic as they did when they were 3 years old.

• Teacher/Child Ratio – 1:11
• Weekly lesson plans focusing on letters, numbers, and kindergarten readiness skills. Using the A Beka curriculum….
• Parents provide crib sheet, blanket, toothbrush, extra clothes and water bottle.

Tuition Schedule 2018-2019

Weekly Fee for Frogs
5 Days $215.00
4 Days N/A
3 Days N/A
2 Days N/A
1 Day N/A
Entrance Fee*    $60.00
Annual Enrollment Fee    $30.00
Activity Fee    As Needed