Knox Child Development Center utilizes the A Beka Curriculum in our pre-school classrooms (ages 3-5).  A Beka covers Language Arts, Numbers, Music, Arts & Crafts and the Bible.  In Language Arts they learn phonics and reading, poetry and language development.  Numbers covers number recognition and counting up to 100, number concepts from 1-20, largest to smallest from 1-20 and additions facts (adding 1 to other numbers).  In music, arts and crafts they learn traditional and fun songs and develop motor skills in drawing, coloring, cutting and gluing.  The Bible lessons include Creation, Noah, Samuel, Daniel, Jesus’s boyhood, Zacchaeus and the Good Samaritan.  They will also learn memory verses and hymns.

A Beka uses a proven approach to learning and includes a Biblical perspective.  It focuses on reading comprehension, problem solving skills and higher level thinking.

In our younger classrooms the curriculum is based on a different learning theme each month. (A learning theme such as transportation or seasons or a fun theme like Dr. Seuss.) Along with the theme is a set of numbers, colors, shapes and letters to work on for the month. The theme will include a wide variety of activities that the lead teacher can work into her lesson plan including art, music and literature. Our curriculum is woven into the schedule of each classroom so that the children have activities throughout the day. Our concentrated learning time for kindergarten readiness skill is in the morning class time.

We also have included in our curriculum basic Bible lessons. Our primary source is the Beginners Bible Curriculum which focuses one year on the Old Testament and one year on the New Testament. Our Bible curriculum is taught one afternoon a week. Also, in the afternoon, we have Social Studies activities which include topics such as: nutrition, science, and history.

We begin our curriculum in the 12 months and walking classroom and build and progress with each age group. When the children reach the 4 and 5 year old classroom kindergarten readiness skills are included into the curriculum.
(Please see individual age groups for a more in-depth explanation.)

Extracurricular Activities:

Over the years Knox Child Development Center has offered a variety of extracurricular activities centered on physical activity. Currently we offer Jemima’s Playhouse.

Jemima’s Playhouse helps unlock a child’s potential by helping children learn to move their bodies by engaging them in music and movement, helping them develop good listening skills, and helping to foster children’s language development by engaging them in singing.