12 Months & Walking (Bears)

Child Care for One Year Olds

The Toddler Unit is a bright and happy room. The Toddler unit cares for children 12 months and walking through 2 ½ years of age. We are licensed for 10 children with a ratio of 1 adult to 5 children. The big thing in the Toddler Unit is mobility, especially since walking is in its early stages.

In the Toddler Room the teachers plan activities that are hands on and involve the senses in some way. Toddler’s attention spans are very short so their activities, such as art or music, are planned in short increments of time. We begin our curriculum in its basic stages in the Toddler Room. Lesson plans include colors, numbers, shapes and letters are introduced but specifically to encourage verbalizations.

Basic care such as diaper changes, feeding and napping is still a primary function for staff in the Toddler Unit. The day is scheduled around these activities. A scheduled day is important for children’s sense of security and consistency. The Toddlers have a morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack. Meal time is a messy but happy time of day. We encourage the children to use a spoon and sippy cup, but realize that for a Toddler even applesauce can become a finger food. The day also includes recess time, weather permitting, both in the AM and PM and an afternoon nap. Diaper changes are scheduled for specific times of the day but are also on an as needed basis.

At this stage of development, children are more into a side by side play rather than cooperative play. Redirection is the key word to our play time as well as our discipline. Redirect a Toddler to a different toy or just direction to eliminate problems, we have at least two of every toy. Toddlers are just beginning to negotiate the concept of sharing and if there is at least two of every toy it will ease the transition into cooperative play as a 2 and 3 year old.

• Adult/Toddler Ratio – 1:5
• Fun filled weekly lesson plans
• Parents provide crib sheet, blanket, diapers, wipes, toothbrush and sippy cup.

Tuition Schedule 2018-2019

Weekly Fee for Bears
5 Days $265.00
4 Days N/A
3 Days N/A
2 Days N/A
1 Day N/A
Entrance Fee*   One Week’s Tuition + $60.00
Annual Enrollment Fee    $30.00
Activity Fee    As Needed